2nd Place at Speech Contest!

Congratulations to Lindsay, Chase, and Hayley on earning 2nd place in the district speech contest!  Well done team and special congratulations on Lindsay for earning 2nd place for her speech on glasses.

I know that the students practiced hard and represented us well!

We are so lucky to have such a great PAC!!!

Thank you to everyone who supports our PAC fundraising because they have been working hard this year to support our school.  They have helped with a number of events:

Open House, Dog Sledding, Christmas Hampers, Busing for the Worsely Ski Trip, Rik Leaf, Wall of Fame, Classroom money for teachers, and they will be cooking and supplying pancake breakfast for us on the last day of school. 🙂

They are presently organizing the ditch clean up on May 29th and building us a large sandbox for our primary playground.  As well, they are raising money to buy some more equipment for our intermediate playground.

Beyond the financial support our PAC helps with hot dog days and many other events in the school.  We really appreciate all of their support!



Elanor Soars at Zones

Congratulations to Elanor Copes on taking 1st place in long jump and the 400m and 2nd place in the 100m and 200m races at Zones in Prince George.  With her 4 medals she managed to put Clearview into 4th place for schools.  She is off to the Summer Games and possibly provincials for her track and field success.

Well done Elanor!



Mother’s Day Tea

It was wonderful to see so many Moms and Grandmas join us for the annual Mother’s Day tea.  We served just over 100 people that day.  Thanks to Mrs. Armstrong for organizing and decorating for this lovely event. The students did an excellent job serving all of us.

Bike to School Week May 28-June 3rd

I have been challenged to bike to school that week and although I cannot bike from FSJ I will bike from one of our staff member’s house that is 10km away.  I will be biking for the next few weeks to prepare.  I would like to register our school for the Bike to School challenge and I am challenging all staff, students, and parents( if they wish) to bike to school at least one day that week.  You may have to drive to a house that is a reasonable distance away as some of you just live too far away.

Let’s see how many of us can participate at least once that week!


Dunvegan Flower Pick Up, Track Meet, and Mother’s Day Tea

It will be an exciting day at Clearview tomorrow as our grades 3-6 will be participating in a small track meet to determine our track team.  This will begin first thing in the morning so the students need to dress in layers and bring water, sunscreen, and hats.

Dunvegan Fundraiser flower pick up will be from 10:30 -2:00pm at the arena.

The Mother’s Day tea will begin at 12:30pm in the gym. Hope to see you there.



SPCA Fundraiser

Two former students brought us an SPCA fundraising opportunity.  They spoke with the students about the importance of giving back to your community.  They have left a box for students to donate toys, food, or money to the SPCA before the end of the month when they will return to pick up and deliver the stuff for the SPCA.  The highlighted items are the most important but any donation would be accepted.